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40k – facebook.com/40knjny – First event

SANY6135 Blurry picture, but it is easy to tell this hard fought battle was damn funSANY6115 - video of the battlefieldSANY6123_Eldar cover seems light vs the onslaughtSANY6124_Toms_TraitorGuardSANY6128_With close teamwork from the Xenos under Hoppers direction, they pull ahead turn 3SANY6132_Stephen Adams from ontargetstudios.com 's orks help hold off Chris's obliteration of Austin's grey knights
SANY6133 the Xenos are the only team to pull off getting an objective in the final round, Hopper covers it with a slew of rhinos

Gamers Gambit hosted our first partner event. Bill M. from NJ Gamer was a major guide / advisor, we couldn’t have done it without him.

Thanks everyone who attended, the participants really make an event shine and this was no exception.

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October 23rd – Sunday 12noon-8pm – 500points to unlimited points: MegaBattle!

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/40knjny      MegaBattle event page
40k NJNY is working on our first event generously hosted by Gamers Gambit.

When: 12noon-8pm Sunday Oct 23rd, please arrive early if you want help entering everything into Army Builder and printing it.

What to bring: 500points to Unlimited points, everything except superheavies such as Titans, Apocalypse flyers, gargantuan creatures, etc. You are especially encouraged to bring models you’d normally be daft to include. You can bring every HQ in your codex if you want! Try to make it is WYSIWYG as possible however.
As always, bring a print out of your list from Army Builder, your codex, and your armies.

Cost: $15  (There will be prize support, like at any big event at the Gambit)

Who: Everyone is invited, newer players are especially encouraged this is a chance to check out all kinds of armies & bring EVERYTHING you want.

General Info:
For anyone new to the area, you can always find a good 40k game at Gamers Gambit on Sundays, many times there are 10-20 people that play.
Gamer Gambit: (201) 796-7377
Normal Hours: Sun-Sat 11:00am–11:00pm
446 Market Street
Saddle Brook, New Jersey

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puppetswar.eu has some cool stuff

These guys make cool things cooler: Puppetswar.eu

gatling gun turrent, pew pew


Armed Halberds, pew pew pew!


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Facebook – It’s like a big “easy” button.

Lately I’ve been posting mostly to Facebook, since it is pretty easy to do. I’ll admit you wont see the most meaningful articles there, but it is fun & easy.

You can find the link to the site right here on the right.

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Dread – Concept Art

Grey Knights Dreadnought concept art, pure win.

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40k at the Gambit

After the campaign was over at Time Warp Comics, I’ve been trying to go to Gamers Gambit on Thursday nights & Sundays when I have time.  Mostly since they are one 0f the few places I know I’ll be able to get a game in as they have people there and many tables.

Last week was a fun & rare treat: a team game with two brand new players, it was the first time they played 40k with their armies. My Dark Eldar teamed up with Mike’s Orks vs Bill M’s Saim Hann Eldar and Taylor’s Ultramarines. The lists were built for fun, so that is how it turned out.

The result was a very close Eldar / Space Marine win. I haven’t played with a brand new player in a while now, hopefully we’ll see more of them.

Recently I commissioned a local artist to build 6 Venoms, and I am looking for more people locally to speed things along. I also want to customize some Dark Eldar models (Beasts) and need someone who enjoys that kind of work.

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40k Brazil

Sammael Ravenwing Master Landspeeder - commissionedSANY5229 Brazillian 40k GamersSANY5308 Andre's Salamander army scores a Draw vs the Crafty EldarSANY5323 40k gaming, with real bloodSANY5235 Ork NinjasSANY5236
SANY5243 Ork NinjasSANY5412 40k post-it wallSANY5410 post-it wall

40k Brazil, a set on Flickr.

New set of pictures taken while visiting the 40k community in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Building Lists with Fluff, Competitiveness, and Style considered

HERO (lkhero) discusses a fun topic:  Can you build competitive and fluffy?

If someone starts to take this question seriously, it is a tough pill to swallow… I wouldn’t welcome comments on the “fluffiness” of my Armies. Though I take great pride in making them fluffy.

Building an army on fluff is difficult, it requires:
1) Knowing all the fluff on an Army
2) Knowing how to make a competitive list (this is a challenge for most people)
3) Making a decision when fluffy & competitive contradict each other
4) Buying & painting the army
5) Picking a purpose: How many points do I want to field? Will I be playing in tournaments? Tournaments that require painted models? Local, regional, or national tournaments? Am I only interested in casual games, team games? Is this my primary army, laid back, etc?

Making all those aspects come together isnt really easy. Even if I picked a netlist and paid someone to make it, doesn’t really work: 6 months later something will change to make it less ideal (the meta-game, your play style, or something else will change).

In conclusion, I am personally guided on:
1) What I feel comfortable playing for fluff reasons
2) Maximize my armies competitiveness
3) Having the option to play against non-competitive armies without curb-stomping them (Nobody wants to crush baby seals, kids, etc.)
4) Build some variety so I dont get bored

Whether HERO’s armies are fluffy or competitive or whatever isnt so much the question. As per my personal guide, his lists are a success.

PS: I play Dark Angels, Eldar, and Dark Eldar armies at the moment

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Powerfist vs Powersword & Melta-Bombs

For anyone who missed it on BOLS, this was a fun article:
Post on the powerfist vs powersword & melta-bombs

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Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Orks at the ATC (BOLS Link)

I would love to read a battle report like this EVERYDAY. This was a nail-bitingly fun read.

BOLS Battle Report: ATC Battle Report #2 Spacecurves’ Dark Eldar, Posted by Spacecurves

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New to 40k?

New to 40k or this edition?

So am I really, so dont look to me for any tactical advise. I’ve been enjoying reading some advise from Kirby’s 3++ site however.

He has a multi-part series that is fun, easy to read, and helpful:
Part 1: Army Composition
Part 2: Army Composition II
Part 3: Target Priority
Part 4: Movement
Part 5: Synergy

Part 7: Assault II
Part 8: Summary & Flexibility

Other pages I’ve liked that I read recently:
Kirby – Comparison: small and large Marine squads
Kirby – Imperial Armor 9 – The Badab War Review Part 1
Kirby – Imperial Armor 9 – The Badab War Review Part 2
Kirby – Imperial Armor 10 The Badab War Review

I will be buying the IA 9 & 10 books, thank you.

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Gaunt’s Ghosts

After reading the books, I am a huge fan of Gaunt’s Ghosts.

I hired someone to make a squad of them and scourged the  internet for pics, but Dante’s Inferno is doing them great justice.

Full link: http://cmdante.blogspot.com/search/label/Gaunts%20Ghosts

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June 12th Noon-7pm at Gamers Gambit – Victris IV: Fields of Blood (Modified Apocalypse Game)

Location: Gamers Gambit (See FLGS links on the sidebar)
What to bring: 2500 points, Army Builder list, Strategems
Bill M.
BIO:  20+ years of gaming experience, member of  “NJ Gamer”, knows many game systems. I’ve been to a few events he organized, he has a great knack for making Apoc events balanced and fun.
Event Info:
Victris IV: Fields of Blood (A Modified Apocalypse Game)
June 12th Noon-7pm

The legions have departed, Titans no longer shake the ground. Whatever
objectives the Imperial and Xenos forces have fought so long for on this
blighted rock are long since obliterated. Yet why do some forces remain?
Amidst the rubble and debris of the capital city, powered beacons lead
to underground vaults with vast troves of salvage Archaeotech and
Imperial Databanks. The remaining commanders have put together their
best forces in an attempt to capture these hidden stores.

Mission: Domination with Kill Points. Each turn, the team that controls
any of the beacon objectives will accumulate points towards victory. At
the end of the game, the team with the most control points wins. As a
secondary objective, each player will compete against each other
(friendly competition with regard to team-mates) to score as many kill
points as possible personally.

Admission: $10
Prizes: Best Sportsman (player voted), MVP (Most control points earned),
Best General (Most kill points earned)

Force Organization: 2500pts standard codex forces with the inclusion of
Apocalypse Formations. Imperial Armour/Forgeworld forces allowed.
***No Super Heavy Units or Gargantuan Creatures allowed.***

Strategic Assets: One per player in addition to any granted by Formations.
Asset Modifications: Jammers is outlawed. Flank March for an entire army
is outlawed. Any formation that receives the Flank March asset as part
of their formation may either Deep Strike or Outflank as the normal
mission special rules. Long Range Ack-Ack: instead of the normal asset
(turning away an enemy flyer) the player choosing the asset may take up
to D3+1 BS4 Interceptor Guns (2x Long Barrelled Autocannons 54″ Heavy 2
Linked Str7 AP4, Interceptor, Anti-Aircraft) to place in their control

Deployment: As per Apocalypse, lowest bid for time deploys first and
goes first.
Reserves: As per Apocalyse, Strategic Reserves on turns two and three.
Scoring Units: As per 5th Edition, Troops may control objectives, any
unit may contest.

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Tips on cheating at 40k

These are some helpful cheats from Mr.Black at BOLS for anyone on a losing streak.

Hypnotism seems the most assured.

For those with real balls, but want a reminder on taking a loss with grace, take a gander at TKE’s post highlighted over at Kirby’s 3++.

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40k – Awesome Paint work – Brandon Palmer at GMM Studios

If you have not heard of Brandon Palmer, this might be the chance to sit back in the chair, relax , and let the eyes enjoy as you take a gander at the Orks that stole the show at Adepticon this year.

Brandon’s “Mad MOrk” – Ork Army that won “Players Choice” at Adepticon 2011
Brandon’s Chaos Sea theme’d Army that won Adepticon 2010 (and Players Choice)

Brandon’s Website: www.gmmstudios.com (most pictures, but not most current)
Brandon’s Blog: gmmstudios.blogspot.com  (best place for current updates)

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Gamer’s Gambit 2k Team Tournament Results

Gamer’s Gambit held a tournament this past weekend, in which.. this is incredible: NECRON’s WON!
Not only that, Necrons’ beat a list with 6 Vendettas, MSU, all vehicle list that had first turn advantage.  Phil and Orlando, I was shocked and cracking up every time I had a chance to check things out.

Pictures of the event by Joe Negrone (from Justin)

Note, for anyone interested in attending Gamer’s Gambit events you can always sign up for their email list, which is pretty active & helpful.

Justin & Stephen also do commission work, if you are interested. I keep meaning to get their new site… I dont have it yet. BUT they are making me some wicked Eldar Saim-Hann Vypers, with magnetized guns & turrets. pew pew!
The official email of results from Justin:
I just want to thank all who came and wish you a peaceful and rewarding Holiday to start. And thanks to Jeff and Alex for help setting up- and Scott for hosting of course!

I also just want to say, we have a great group of regular players who help us out all the time, and also play at the store every week! While some could not be there for the tournament today, they still supported others and came to check it all out, so, THANKS ALL!

Not 1 single team won absolute victory in every game- every team had at least one draw or loss- most even tournament in GG history!

Teams Tournaments are fun, but the turns DO take longer. We need to be able to start at 1 pm Sharp to get done by 9 or even earlier. Alex helped Nathan have a team-mate for the tourney- good times were had!

Charlie Gomez brought his cousins from Long Island! (They got the dice- ’nuff said 🙂 Come back and play guys! if there was a sportsmanship award today, you would have won!

After almost ten hours of gaming, the 14 brave players who came to the event were all in great spirits by the last round, and despite wading in a pool 1/8 inch deep that grew like the Taint of Chaos, kept up cheerful, good natured rounds of 40K.

1: “Beauty and the Beast” – 44
2: “IG terror twins” – 57
3. “The Reapers” – 58
4. “The Flying S(ed) Brothers” – 44
5. “Mine Control” – 56
6. “The Bearsharks” – 18
7. “Crazy B*stards”- 13

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Adepticon 2011 coverage

I have really been enjoying the Adepticon coverage this year, especially the LIVE championship game coverage thanks to my favorite current podcast: “The Independent Characters” (their review of the Badab War books – IA9, IA10 – will make you buy them).
Adepticon’s site
Live Coverage

Post Event analysis of lists & build strategies

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Campaign: Time Warp Comics, NJ – Blue Team (Dark Angels & Ork) defense!

Time Warp Comics is running a fun campaign (Alex is leading it, but there are many contributors).
It is always a relaxing fun time, with great scenarios. I make every game I can.

Pictures of my second battle are here. We are able to hold back the Space Wolf (Red Team) attackers with the combined forces of Orks and Dark Angels. A quick battle report can be found under the picture captions. It was a close battle… every armor 14 vehicle exploded, in true siege style. …with one decorated exception Sammael’s land speeder survived.

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40knjny in Brazil? Hell yeah!

Since I was traveling in Brazil, I figured I’d see what the local meta-game was like.  When we get a few games, will get some new battle reports setup
How did I find someone to play in Brazil?
Well I am already a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and Brazil has some of the best fighters in the world so there probably have to be some cool 40k gamers too. So I googled and found the site below and got a quick reply from Estevão at the “The Painting Frog” on players in Sao Paulo specifically.


Introduction to the local community of players:
Silvio (Ork player), Sócrates <Ken> (another Ork player), Antonio Jorge <AJ> (dammit, ANOTHER Ork player & Nurgle Chaos Space Marines), and another Andre <Tocha> (Blood Angels, Tyranids & Deathwing).

I’ve been able to meet everyone but Tocha so far in a fun dinner, and then we got a game in last Saturday.

The Battle Report from Brazil – Andre’s Salamanders vs Eldar Saim-Hann (mine)
A very fun, very close game.

(Space Marine) Salamanders vs Saim-Hann (Eldar)

(Space Marine) Salamanders vs Saim-Hann (Eldar)

Overall these local guys are a great mix of incredible modelers & painters, and enjoy fun and well played lists. It is a perfect match for my play style. I very much appreciate the paint work, when we see everything on the board.

Example of some of the Modeling & Paint work by AJ, that is the original site in Portugese, or click here for a google translated version for english speakers.
Some of my favorites:

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

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