Battle Report: 400pt Eldar vs Chaos – Game1

Battle Report Eldar vs Chaos
400pts combat patrol — Eldar Win!

Noise Marines kill 1 warp spider
Everyone else flubs
Warwalkers kills 1 noise marine in a torrent of shots (3 hit)
Warp Spiders kill 1 noise marine – 5 hits, the Noise marines make 4 saves!
Chosen stun warwalker with scatter lasers, so cant shoot
Raptors run up
Noise Marines dont move & skill 3 warp spiders.
Round 3:
Warp spiders and Warwalker take out 2 more raptors, they pass their leadership
Clinging to survival, the noise marines immobilize & stun the warwalker with the dangerous scatter lasers
The chosen shake the other warwalker
Raptors flame the Warp Spiders, but they survive, then attack in assault, they still survive
Round 4:
Eldar: All shooting was flubed, Warp spiders and Raptors do nothing, Jetbikes turbo up to the objective
Shot against the warwalkers, hit & penetrate and only get shaken AGAIN.
Round 5:
Jetbikes move up & capture both CPs on the Eldar side
Warwalker obliterates 2 Noise marines with its 7 shots.
Warp spiders and Raptor still flub everything (Raptors officially take the cake for the most useless squad of the game)
Round 6:
Eldar: Only troop choice, noise marines die
Chaos: 1 shot hits the jetbikes, but they save it.

Game ends with a landslide Eldar victory. They not only take 2 command points, but they also wipe out my noise marines, Raptors, and one Chosen.

Chaos horrible rolls were the bain of the game for sure, in terms of types of wounds on the Warwalkers. 2 immobilized, and 5 shaken hits.

Jonathan honorably shakes hands and we celebrate his first major victory.

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