Good reading

Lately I’ve been enjoying reading BOLS, it seems to be one of the most frequently updated sites with reliable news without the petty flame wars.

This recent post by Fritz was an incredible read on how to put together an army based on the Fluff that you like and your play style.

As a Dark Angels Deathwing / Dual-Wing player, this is encouraging to say the least. Though I’ve got an easy job with army composition.

Dark Eldar:
With all the Dark Eldar news, it is fun to check out one of my “Favorite sites”

They had a fun Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Deathwing!

Closing thoughts:
Though I’m definitely going to start a Dark Eldar Army some day, it will be at least another 6-8 months.   For now I’m enjoying playing the Dark Angels, in the light of the Lion.


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