Warstore Weekend Results

If I find the results, I’ll post them, along with some pics

Thoughts on the event:
They had an incredibly well painted IG traitor army and tyranid army. Only one Ork, one Tau, one Dark Eldar, one Tyranid, no Necron or Eldar, two traitor IG armies, one regular IG, one black templar everyone else was codex, space wolf, BA armies (4 or so at least).

Nobody won all their games, so I guess it was decently competitive. My Dark Angel would have been stomped, but it would have been fun to play them if I had 2k points.

Overall it was a great group of players & fun to watch, with at least 15 tables or so.  I’d have to say, way too many Blood Angels for my taste.

FAQ for the event, they used the NOVA Open one:

Click to access NOVA-FAQ-v2.pdf

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