Battle Report: 3k DE+Eldar vs Orks, SM, Dark Angels

3k total, capture and control (2 points), DE+E go first, pitched deployment.
Dark Eldar (new codex) + Eldar vs Orks, Codex Space Marines, Dark Angels

Eldar: Eldrad, Avatar, 2x Fire Prisms, 1xFalcon, Harlequin squad, 2 tank type vehicles (scatter laser and some ap2 weapon), 10man Pathfinder squad, 10xStriking Scorpions that did nothing.
Dark Eldar: 6x Raiders, 3 Warrior squads, 2 Wych squads, 2 Archons, 1 Incubi

Orks: Battlewagon+9 Nobs+Warboss, Battlewagon +20 Ard boyz, 10x lootas
Space Marines: Lysander+Command squad, Pedro+10man Tac squad in Rhino, Thunderfire cannon+Techmarine, Dread w/ MMelta, Scout squad
Dark Angels: 2x Termi squads, 1x Termie squad with Apoc, Belial, 1x biker squad with 2xFlamers

E+DE: Kill Bikes, kill scouts, 2 Termies die from Fire Prism blasts
O+SM+DA: Termies deepstrike next to Dark Eldar/Eldar vehicles & knock out a gun and immobilize DE Raider, Pedro hits his Orbital and takes out a decent number of Harlies but they dont flee. Thunderfire cannon doesnt do as much as it could have (would have been nice to take out the Pathfinder snipers)
E+DE: Kill full squad of Terminators to shooting (except for 2), and Wyches kill Belial’s squad in close combat due to HORRIBLE saves (4 “1”s? and a few normal saves with Archon’s powerweapons), Belial survives.
Ork Battlewagons blow up with bad rolls
Space marine’s rhino is immobilized.
Looking really bad at this point
O+SM+DA: Belial survives ANOTHER round of combat, Terminators move up & take out another vehicle, Space Marines move up.
E+DE: Massively winning at this point, they continue to whittle down the footslogging orks & nobs though enough of their squads remain to threaten. Only 3 or 4 Dark Angel Terminators are still alive, they really took the pressure off, but they paid the price.
Ork Ard boys all die to Avatar and Harlequin cc battle.
O+SM+DA: The game is pretty much over at this point. Belial dies in close combat, 2 Terminators scratch the paint of a Raider.
Space Marines do the most damage this round, taking out 3 Raiders and whittling down 1 footslogging Wytch squad with Archon.
Ork Nob boys flamer footslogging Warrior squad (from destroyed raider) and kill them all.
Game ends because the store is closing and there isnt much left to figure out.
Overall a fun game, if there are Dark Angels in the final round then that is all that counts. Tactically we did “ok”, but even with optimal tactics, the outcome is unlikely to have been much different.
Ultimately the Eldar/DE lists were vastly better, they could outshoot, out assault, and outmaneuver us.
Worst mistakes:

Dark Angels made some tactical mistakes, we needed the bikes for the dual flamers, and shouldnt have deployed it so close. It might have made sense to deep striked from reserves, hoping to time it when the orks were in closer.

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