Brother’s Grim Tournament: 11/20/2010

Tournament, added to our “Special Events” section, this is a premier local event.

Brother’s Grim –

  • Selden, NY – 6 times a year: every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
    • Event List:  every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
    • Address: 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784
    • Added Details
      • Points: 1850 pts
        Rounds: 3 Rounds, 2.5 Hours Each Round
        Fees: $10 Entry Fee
        When to show up: @ 11am, First Dice @ Noon
        What to bring, etc:
        40 Person Cap, Pre Registration begins 10/31/10
        There is a maximum of 60 Battle Points and 9 Bonus Points that can be earned throughout the day.
        It is required that you bring 5 copies of your army list to the tournament. You will need one to hand in to the tournament organizer, one for yourself, and one for each of your opponents.
        Painting is not required, but it is awarded at the end as a separate prize!
        Contact for questions, to preregister:
        Phone:   ?
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