Time Warp Comics – Review, Battle Report

Today I finally made it down to Time Warp Comics to check out their local Thursday night 40k gaming scene.

I’ll update my notes in the “Stores” section  as well with all the other FLGS’s.

Overall Impression:  9/10 stars for Thur night game scene.
Why? They have everything you need: 20+ people, 6-8 tables, the store is STOCKED with anything you need, incredible terrain, varied armies (everything but Necron, DE, Templars), varied games (new, experienced, 500pt-2k pts). Getting there is easy too, 30min from Jersey City, no traffic at 630pm, and a easy drive.

After 4 months of gaming in the area, I personally still find it challenging to find a venue to consistently play a game.  Usually it involves lots of emailing different game scene’s to see who is available. Tonight was a holiday, so more younger guys were there… but the place was packed and had a good vibe.

For food they have snacks/drinks in store, or you go around the corner for Pizza or Chinese.

The owner of the store and a few other players support other local stores and events heavily. They mentioned at least 3 times the 1k tournament at Gamers Gambit, and they were at the recent Warstore tournament helping out.

Friendly local game store indeed.

Thanks everyone,

Quick Battle Report:
1k game, spearhead, annihilation Tau/IG vs Dark Angels Deathwing
Tau: Firewarriors, 3 crisis suits with plasma out the wazoo, kroot with shasui
IG: Hydraflak tank, 6 man Ogryn squad, Stormtroopers with Melta/Plasma Deepstriking
Deathwing: Belial, 3 Termie squads 1xHF+Apoth, 2xAC, all squads kitted with 1xLC and kitted for wound allocation, 2xHF biker squad
Tau/IG deploy mostly in the middle as far up as possible. Deathwing/Bikes deploy in the middle back towards table edge.

R1: Tau/IG move forward  first round, shooting kills nobody.
Deathwing mow down the kroot with concentrated shooting
R2: Tau/IG move forward, shooting takes out 1 biker, 1 terminator.
Crisis suits deep strike in, wipe out 3 terminators (Apothecary ends up saving a terminator all 4 rounds)
Deathwing wipes out 1 crisis suit/1 down to 1 Wound in shooting -> Belial destroys the rest in close combat.
R3: Tau/IG Storm Troopers deepstrike and melta/plasma kill 2 Terminators
Lots of shooting takes out 2  terminators with failed regular saves and the sergent biker.
Deathwing are down to Belial’s squad, 2 bikers (1xFl), 3-man Term squad, (one squad was lost)
Bikers move in front of  Terminators to shield them from attack from the Oygrns (it works), everyonebacks up and shoots at the Stormtroopers, not killing enough and leaving 5 alive that pass their leadership. 3-man Term squad attacks in close combat and loses one to powersword (honestly I didnt realize they had a powersword otherwise I wouldn’t have attacked, that is almost the same chances of survival vs the Melta/plasma, this squad ends up dying miserably with bad saves and kills only 1 stormtrooper)
R4: Tau/IG wipe out 3-man Term squad, Flamer bike (Squad is dead now), and 1 Terminators (Apothecary) this round with an unlucky series of bad saves/attacks.
Deathwing are hurting this round.. Belial breaks from his squad and with combined shooting and Belial’s assault the Stormtroopers are wiped out.
R5: Tau/IG wipe out all 3 Terminators when they roll 3x 1’s to regular shooting. Only Belial and the 1 Terminator sergent remain.
Belial / Terminator shoot at Ogryn but fail to hurt them. With the Hydraflak tank still alive pounding away at them with 7 twin linked shots.. this is the beginning of the end.
R6: I dont rememeber an official round 6, but in the last round Belial dies to regular Ogryn lucky shooting.

It was good fun gaming, just the way I like it. Thanks Matt and ___(forgot your name)___

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