GambitCon 6 Jan 13-16 (Thur-Sun) 2011

A FLGS is hosting the 6th GambitCon event on January 13-16 Thur-Sunday 2011

It will include 40k and a few other games. The official schedule is not yet posted.

For more information, check out our links or contact:  The Gamer’s Gambit

Hey everyone!

I’m putting together the 6th GambitCon event on January 13-16 2011
(that’s a Thursday through a Sunday).  I need
judges/moderators/volunteers for various events.

This is NOT (or I should say, is no longer) solely an RPGA convention.
Yes, I intend to have at least 4 tables of RPGA spaces open for each
slot.  But I have a large store, and I haven’t used all the tables in
past cons, and there are other people who play games and people who
want to try different systems–so I am opening it up.  In order to DO
so however, I need people to volunteer to judge different sorts of
games, so I am reaching out to you guys.

The way I have it planned (for those of you familiar with the store’s
layout); I’ve got two large miniatures tables in the basement which
can run up to 2 “large” or 4 “small” minis games simultaneously.  I
can set up 5 other tables in the basement (most of which will be RPGA)
and 3 upstairs tables (which will be mixed RPGA and other games).  I
will do my best to provide some sort of sound baffling, but the more
cons I go to the less this seems to be prevalent in such environs.

Aside from the RPGA judges I am soliciting here via this mail, the
rest of you are here because I want your expertise and skill in
running other games.  I would like to see:
Minis: Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Flames of War and Dystopian
Wars (in addition to 40K/Fantasy)
RPGs: Pathfinder, Champions, Traveller, Cthulhu, Gamma World, Indie
Games, Dresden Files, Deathwatch, Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, Battlestar
Galactica…hell, anything you feel like running.
Other stuff: Crazy crap if you wanna do it.  Boardgames, dice games,
NCGs, whatever.

The entry fee for GambitCon 6 is $30/person for the four-day pass and
$20/person for a one-day pass, and I’m also introducing a 1-slot fee
of $10 if you only want to come and play one game.  These are for
slots without prize support; if we run something that requires prize
support I may charge additional.

You get, for volunteering, entry into the Con based on how many events
you run.  For RPGA judges this is usually, if you judge 4 slots, you
get a full pass for free; if you judge 2 slots you get a 1 day pass
for free.

For those who are volunteering to judge OTHER things, I will likely
work something else out to make it worth it to you to donate your
time, cuz RPGA judges usually like to judge a few slots and play in
all the rest, so it’s worth it for them.

Of course, I feed all my judges and volunteers lunch & dinner, usually
from Quilly’s or Domino’s or a big hero sandwich depending on the day
(I like variety and I think the judges do too).  Hotel accommodations
are available nearby and I might be able to work out something in that
arena too, depending on how much you want to judge or volunteer.

Help me turn GambitCon6 into something new and interesting!

I personally, incidentally, will be running Gamma World and a special
Tomb of Horrors runthrough.

Here’s the deal:
* The Con runs from 12PM-1AM Thursday; 9A-4A Friday, 9A-4A Saturday
and 9A-11:30P Sunday.
* Slots for the Con are (base) 4 hours in length (which is the “norm”
for RPGA slots), but I can create special slots that are shorter,
larger, or of different sizes.
* The base slots are:
Slot 1)  12P-4P Thurs
Slot 2)   5P-9P Thurs
Slot 3)   9P-1A Thurs
Slot 4)   9A-12P Fri
Slot 5)   1P-5P Fri
Slot 6)   6P-11:30P Fri (5 1/2 hrs)
Slot 7)   12A-4A Fri/Sat
Slot 8)   9A-12P Sat
Slot 9)   1P-5P Sat
Slot 10)   6P-11:30P Sat (5 1/2 hrs)
Slot 11)   12A-4A Sat/Sun
Slot 12)  9A-1P Sun
Slot 13)   1P-5P Sun
Slot 14)   6P-11:30P Sun (5 1/2 hrs)

Scott Roberts
General Manager
The Gamer’s Gambit

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