40k Megabattle – Final Battle for Mordia

40k Megabattle – Final Battle for Mordia

Sunday, December 5 · 10:30am – 5:30pm
Location: Hobbytown, Newton Hampton Plaza, Unit 15-C, Route 206 Newton, NJ
Pre-Register by Nov. 28th to guarantee 1500pt and first turn deployment. Walk-ons welcome, but may have less to work with or deploy later.
It has been three months since the last Imperial push to control Mordia. However, the source of the warp storms has finally been found. A Blackstone Fortress has been uncovered on Mordia. And now all eyes focus on the once barren battlefield, fresh troops and forces vie for the prize.
The Battle for Mordia is a Spearhead Mega Battle using the standard Warhammer 40k rules, using the Spearhead Expansion presented in White Dwarf 365 (June 2010) as well as available on http://www.gamesworkshop.com.
Each force of 1500pt may select one of the Spearhead formations presented in White Dwarf or available online. The battle will be objective based as each army attempts to control portions of the uncovered Blackstone Fortress. 5th edition objective capture rules will be used.Note that although Super Heavy and Gargantuan Creature units are available by selecting the appropriate Spearhead formation, no additional Apocalypse rules , stratagems or units will be used. So additional such units are not available. For purposes of this battle, Flyers count as a Super Heavy unit, even if not actually one. Non flyer/Non Super Heavy Forgeworld-Only units, such as Imperial tank variants and Space Marine Chapter specific Dreadnuaghts are valid selections for this game. In all other respects, your force must constitute a normal 40k Force Organization.

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