Dark Eldar Lists: Reavers

I have not seen many DE lists with Reavers in them.  Stelek recently threw a fun one out there

3 units of 8 Reavers with FNP (using the Homoculi) and Duke to reroll combat drugs.
A few Wrack & Trueborn squads

I like this, but I’d still run Ravagers. I haven’t considers Wracks yet, so I am still with the stock Warriors/Wyches lists at the moment.

BOLS article on Reaver Jetbikes, it is very sweet. Take a gander.

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2 Responses to Dark Eldar Lists: Reavers

  1. Zachthered says:

    I run this 1850 list and It is highly effective. Played like saim hann on crack.

    9 reavers 3 heat lance
    9 reavers 3 heat lance
    6 reavers 2 heat lance
    4 incubi , malys in a venom 2x splinter cannons
    3 trueborn 2 dl in raider
    3 ravagers with vectored engines and flickerfield
    1 raider 6 wyches , hekatrix with agonizer/bp
    3 x 5 warriors in raiders

    9 vehicles and 24 jetbikes is unnerving not too mention the crushing firepower that the combined force has. With malys to position your forces where you need them most, her the incubi are your counter charge unit the wyches and the reavers strike wherever you need them. Reavers in these numbers can decimate squads they run through. and the following turn hunt tanks or elite units. the ravagers vectored engines give you a deep striking firing solution if you need it. ( cough I.g. Cough Tau, cough )

    This list sports 16 dark lances and 8 heat lances and enough poison rounds to handle tough critters and units. not to mention it’s a blast to play.

    • s00nertp says:

      I checked out the list, it is pretty cool.

      I was wondering how you used the Reavers in gameplay. It seems like they are mostly anti-tank / Elite choices. With a little added close combat if you need it in a pinch.

      Thanks for the comments,

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