Gamer’s Gambit 2k Team Tournament Results

Gamer’s Gambit held a tournament this past weekend, in which.. this is incredible: NECRON’s WON!
Not only that, Necrons’ beat a list with 6 Vendettas, MSU, all vehicle list that had first turn advantage.Β  Phil and Orlando, I was shocked and cracking up every time I had a chance to check things out.

Pictures of the event by Joe Negrone (from Justin)

Note, for anyone interested in attending Gamer’s Gambit events you can always sign up for their email list, which is pretty active & helpful.

Justin & Stephen also do commission work, if you are interested. I keep meaning to get their new site… I dont have it yet. BUT they are making me some wicked Eldar Saim-Hann Vypers, with magnetized guns & turrets. pew pew!
The official email of results from Justin:
I just want to thank all who came and wish you a peaceful and rewarding Holiday to start. And thanks to Jeff and Alex for help setting up- and Scott for hosting of course!

I also just want to say, we have a great group of regular players who help us out all the time, and also play at the store every week! While some could not be there for the tournament today, they still supported others and came to check it all out, so, THANKS ALL!

Not 1 single team won absolute victory in every game- every team had at least one draw or loss- most even tournament in GG history!

Teams Tournaments are fun, but the turns DO take longer. We need to be able to start at 1 pm Sharp to get done by 9 or even earlier. Alex helped Nathan have a team-mate for the tourney- good times were had!

Charlie Gomez brought his cousins from Long Island! (They got the dice- ’nuff said πŸ™‚ Come back and play guys! if there was a sportsmanship award today, you would have won!

After almost ten hours of gaming, the 14 brave players who came to the event were all in great spirits by the last round, and despite wading in a pool 1/8 inch deep that grew like the Taint of Chaos, kept up cheerful, good natured rounds of 40K.

1: “Beauty and the Beast” – 44
2: “IG terror twins” – 57
3. “The Reapers” – 58
4. “The Flying S(ed) Brothers” – 44
5. “Mine Control” – 56
6. “The Bearsharks” – 18
7. “Crazy B*stards”- 13

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