June 12th Noon-7pm at Gamers Gambit – Victris IV: Fields of Blood (Modified Apocalypse Game)

Location: Gamers Gambit (See FLGS links on the sidebar)
What to bring: 2500 points, Army Builder list, Strategems
Bill M.
BIO:  20+ years of gaming experience, member of  “NJ Gamer”, knows many game systems. I’ve been to a few events he organized, he has a great knack for making Apoc events balanced and fun.
Event Info:
Victris IV: Fields of Blood (A Modified Apocalypse Game)
June 12th Noon-7pm

The legions have departed, Titans no longer shake the ground. Whatever
objectives the Imperial and Xenos forces have fought so long for on this
blighted rock are long since obliterated. Yet why do some forces remain?
Amidst the rubble and debris of the capital city, powered beacons lead
to underground vaults with vast troves of salvage Archaeotech and
Imperial Databanks. The remaining commanders have put together their
best forces in an attempt to capture these hidden stores.

Mission: Domination with Kill Points. Each turn, the team that controls
any of the beacon objectives will accumulate points towards victory. At
the end of the game, the team with the most control points wins. As a
secondary objective, each player will compete against each other
(friendly competition with regard to team-mates) to score as many kill
points as possible personally.

Admission: $10
Prizes: Best Sportsman (player voted), MVP (Most control points earned),
Best General (Most kill points earned)

Force Organization: 2500pts standard codex forces with the inclusion of
Apocalypse Formations. Imperial Armour/Forgeworld forces allowed.
***No Super Heavy Units or Gargantuan Creatures allowed.***

Strategic Assets: One per player in addition to any granted by Formations.
Asset Modifications: Jammers is outlawed. Flank March for an entire army
is outlawed. Any formation that receives the Flank March asset as part
of their formation may either Deep Strike or Outflank as the normal
mission special rules. Long Range Ack-Ack: instead of the normal asset
(turning away an enemy flyer) the player choosing the asset may take up
to D3+1 BS4 Interceptor Guns (2x Long Barrelled Autocannons 54″ Heavy 2
Linked Str7 AP4, Interceptor, Anti-Aircraft) to place in their control

Deployment: As per Apocalypse, lowest bid for time deploys first and
goes first.
Reserves: As per Apocalyse, Strategic Reserves on turns two and three.
Scoring Units: As per 5th Edition, Troops may control objectives, any
unit may contest.

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