Building Lists with Fluff, Competitiveness, and Style considered

HERO (lkhero) discusses a fun topic:  Can you build competitive and fluffy?

If someone starts to take this question seriously, it is a tough pill to swallow… I wouldn’t welcome comments on the “fluffiness” of my Armies. Though I take great pride in making them fluffy.

Building an army on fluff is difficult, it requires:
1) Knowing all the fluff on an Army
2) Knowing how to make a competitive list (this is a challenge for most people)
3) Making a decision when fluffy & competitive contradict each other
4) Buying & painting the army
5) Picking a purpose: How many points do I want to field? Will I be playing in tournaments? Tournaments that require painted models? Local, regional, or national tournaments? Am I only interested in casual games, team games? Is this my primary army, laid back, etc?

Making all those aspects come together isnt really easy. Even if I picked a netlist and paid someone to make it, doesn’t really work: 6 months later something will change to make it less ideal (the meta-game, your play style, or something else will change).

In conclusion, I am personally guided on:
1) What I feel comfortable playing for fluff reasons
2) Maximize my armies competitiveness
3) Having the option to play against non-competitive armies without curb-stomping them (Nobody wants to crush baby seals, kids, etc.)
4) Build some variety so I dont get bored

Whether HERO’s armies are fluffy or competitive or whatever isnt so much the question. As per my personal guide, his lists are a success.

PS: I play Dark Angels, Eldar, and Dark Eldar armies at the moment

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