40k Brazil

Sammael Ravenwing Master Landspeeder - commissionedSANY5229 Brazillian 40k GamersSANY5308 Andre's Salamander army scores a Draw vs the Crafty EldarSANY5323 40k gaming, with real bloodSANY5235 Ork NinjasSANY5236
SANY5243 Ork NinjasSANY5412 40k post-it wallSANY5410 post-it wall

40k Brazil, a set on Flickr.

New set of pictures taken while visiting the 40k community in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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2 Responses to 40k Brazil

  1. Ken says:

    sweet pics!
    geez, now that im up to 10 ninjas and getting the hang of sculpting them, that first one with zoomed in shotsw on him look so embarrasing, so full of sculpting flaws πŸ˜›
    good times at the bar/restaurant

    cheers man!

    • s00nertp says:

      it was indeed. When you get new pics, I’d love to check them out & link to them.

      Those sculpts basically inspired how my new Dark Eldar Army will look.

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