40k at the Gambit

After the campaign was over at Time Warp Comics, I’ve been trying to go to Gamers Gambit on Thursday nights & Sundays when I have time.  Mostly since they are one 0f the few places I know I’ll be able to get a game in as they have people there and many tables.

Last week was a fun & rare treat: a team game with two brand new players, it was the first time they played 40k with their armies. My Dark Eldar teamed up with Mike’s Orks vs Bill M’s Saim Hann Eldar and Taylor’s Ultramarines. The lists were built for fun, so that is how it turned out.

The result was a very close Eldar / Space Marine win. I haven’t played with a brand new player in a while now, hopefully we’ll see more of them.

Recently I commissioned a local artist to build 6 Venoms, and I am looking for more people locally to speed things along. I also want to customize some Dark Eldar models (Beasts) and need someone who enjoys that kind of work.

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