40k – facebook.com/40knjny – First event

SANY6135 Blurry picture, but it is easy to tell this hard fought battle was damn funSANY6115 - video of the battlefieldSANY6123_Eldar cover seems light vs the onslaughtSANY6124_Toms_TraitorGuardSANY6128_With close teamwork from the Xenos under Hoppers direction, they pull ahead turn 3SANY6132_Stephen Adams from ontargetstudios.com 's orks help hold off Chris's obliteration of Austin's grey knights
SANY6133 the Xenos are the only team to pull off getting an objective in the final round, Hopper covers it with a slew of rhinos

Gamers Gambit hosted our first partner event. Bill M. from NJ Gamer was a major guide / advisor, we couldn’t have done it without him.

Thanks everyone who attended, the participants really make an event shine and this was no exception.

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2 Responses to 40k – facebook.com/40knjny – First event

  1. s00nertp says:

    Overall this was a great even & very well attended. We posted pics up on our flicker page & facebook.com/40knjny page.

  2. s00nertp says:

    Thank you again Gamers Gambit for hosting the event, everyone who attended & the extra people who helped & advised (such as Bill M. who put together the handouts, etc.).

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