Mission Statement
“The 40k NJ NY Club exists to organize local gaming groups and educate players interested in the Warhammer 40k game universe.”

When we play:
All over. Check out our Facebook to setup a game.
We used to organize games in Jersey City, but everyone moved, so games are in assorted areas.
If you want to get help organizing, contact Nathan for more info:  s00nertp@yahoo.com

Store locations we frequent: see “Local Stores” links

Want to help grow the group and 40k in the NJ/NY area?
1) Post events on the facebook page.
2) Share works in progress, battle report links, etc. on the facebook page
3) Like us!
4) Remember: your help is good for the local game stores and other players who want help finding this great community.

Find us on:  Facebook.com as “Warhammer 40k NJNY”

Online as:  40knjny.wordpress.com

Other local clubs, and their contacts:
Contact us to list your club from the NJ/NY area ? We will include the information you provide to help others find you.
Post your groups information below or ask to add them to the links page.

Currently we are leveraging the fantastic NJ Gamer calendar for events. At some point we may use Google calendar, but for now we put events on facebook.
Online Google Calendar

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