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Facebook is where all the action is..

I know the page looks a little boring, but that is because our facebook page is getting all the love. Check it for more info. Thanks for the visit

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40k – – First event

40k – – First event, a set on Flickr. Gamers Gambit hosted our first partner event. Bill M. from NJ Gamer was a major guide / advisor, we couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks everyone who attended, the … Continue reading

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October 23rd – Sunday 12noon-8pm – 500points to unlimited points: MegaBattle!

Facebook page:      MegaBattle event page 40k NJNY is working on our first event generously hosted by Gamers Gambit. When: 12noon-8pm Sunday Oct 23rd, please arrive early if you want help entering everything into Army Builder and printing it. What … Continue reading

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These guys make cool things cooler:    

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Facebook – It’s like a big “easy” button.

Lately I’ve been posting mostly to Facebook, since it is pretty easy to do. I’ll admit you wont see the most meaningful articles there, but it is fun & easy. You can find the link to the site right here … Continue reading

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Dread – Concept Art

Grey Knights Dreadnought concept art, pure win.

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40k at the Gambit

After the campaign was over at Time Warp Comics, I’ve been trying to go to Gamers Gambit on Thursday nights & Sundays when I have time.  Mostly since they are one 0f the few places I know I’ll be able … Continue reading

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40k Brazil

40k Brazil, a set on Flickr. New set of pictures taken while visiting the 40k community in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Building Lists with Fluff, Competitiveness, and Style considered

HERO (lkhero) discusses a fun topic:  Can you build competitive and fluffy? If someone starts to take this question seriously, it is a tough pill to swallow… I wouldn’t welcome comments on the “fluffiness” of my Armies. Though I take … Continue reading

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Powerfist vs Powersword & Melta-Bombs

For anyone who missed it on BOLS, this was a fun article: Post on the powerfist vs powersword & melta-bombs

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Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Orks at the ATC (BOLS Link)

I would love to read a battle report like this EVERYDAY. This was a nail-bitingly fun read. BOLS Battle Report: ATC Battle Report #2 Spacecurves’ Dark Eldar, Posted by Spacecurves

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New to 40k?

New to 40k or this edition? So am I really, so dont look to me for any tactical advise. I’ve been enjoying reading some advise from Kirby’s 3++ site however. He has a multi-part series that is fun, easy to … Continue reading

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Gaunt’s Ghosts

After reading the books, I am a huge fan of Gaunt’s Ghosts. I hired someone to make a squad of them and scourged the  internet for pics, but Dante’s Inferno is doing them great justice. Full link:

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June 12th Noon-7pm at Gamers Gambit – Victris IV: Fields of Blood (Modified Apocalypse Game)

Location: Gamers Gambit (See FLGS links on the sidebar) What to bring: 2500 points, Army Builder list, Strategems Organizer: Bill M. BIO:  20+ years of gaming experience, member of  “NJ Gamer”, knows many game systems. I’ve been to a few … Continue reading

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Tips on cheating at 40k

These are some helpful cheats from Mr.Black at BOLS for anyone on a losing streak. Hypnotism seems the most assured. For those with real balls, but want a reminder on taking a loss with grace, take a gander at TKE’s post highlighted … Continue reading

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40k – Awesome Paint work – Brandon Palmer at GMM Studios

If you have not heard of Brandon Palmer, this might be the chance to sit back in the chair, relax , and let the eyes enjoy as you take a gander at the Orks that stole the show at Adepticon … Continue reading

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Gamer’s Gambit 2k Team Tournament Results

Gamer’s Gambit held a tournament this past weekend, in which.. this is incredible: NECRON’s WON! Not only that, Necrons’ beat a list with 6 Vendettas, MSU, all vehicle list that had first turn advantage.  Phil and Orlando, I was shocked … Continue reading

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Adepticon 2011 coverage

I have really been enjoying the Adepticon coverage this year, especially the LIVE championship game coverage thanks to my favorite current podcast: “The Independent Characters” (their review of the Badab War books – IA9, IA10 – will make you buy them). Links: … Continue reading

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Campaign: Time Warp Comics, NJ – Blue Team (Dark Angels & Ork) defense!

Time Warp Comics is running a fun campaign (Alex is leading it, but there are many contributors). It is always a relaxing fun time, with great scenarios. I make every game I can. Pictures of my second battle are here. … Continue reading

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40knjny in Brazil? Hell yeah!

Brasil Brazil Continue reading

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