Dark Eldar Lists: Reavers

I have not seen many DE lists with Reavers in them.  Stelek recently threw a fun one out there

3 units of 8 Reavers with FNP (using the Homoculi) and Duke to reroll combat drugs.
A few Wrack & Trueborn squads

I like this, but I’d still run Ravagers. I haven’t considers Wracks yet, so I am still with the stock Warriors/Wyches lists at the moment.

BOLS article on Reaver Jetbikes, it is very sweet. Take a gander.

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Target Priority: Fritz & laughing

I was recently reading a great post here on Wracks vs Warriors for Dark Eldar.

I enjoyed this little bit:
Fritz, I think, that had the 100% fool-proof video tactica where he basically said “people suck at target priority, so put whatever you want them to shoot in front and 90% of the time they will”.

I did a few quick google searches & was unable to find it though.

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New Pics posted

40k – Worlds largest game at Gamers Gambit, brought to you by NJ Gamer
Enjoyable game, here is the link on facebook for more details

40k Dark Angels DualWing battle vs IG at the Games Workshop store in NYC
This is Sammael and Belial’s first time fighting together as a force under my leadership. They did well this day.

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fromthefang.blogspot.com: The Importance of Building Lists

I enjoyed reading this article on the importance of building lists by “fromthefang“. Essentially, it covers the basics of what to take without talking tactics:

1. Play to your armies strengths
2. For Every Unit A Plan (or Two)
3. Draw Their Attention
4. Keep it Simple Stupid
5. Spent Those Points Wisely
6. Mathammer

(below is posted without explicit permission, so visit his site!)
One thing we took away from Freebootaz (yes I’m still going on about it) was that no matter who we faced we were confident about our list. We knew exactly what each unit’s role was and their strengths/weaknesses. That doesn’t mean we never got it wrong but at least we had an idea in our heads.
Essentially with a good list the hard work is all done for you. You’ve already stacked the odds in your favour and it’s down to you to react to the changing conditions of the game. Ultimately a good list can be the difference between winning and losing. So what makes a good list then?

1. Play to your armies strengths
That says to me that you can stick him with shooters or fighters and he’ll be happy.Everyone wants to have an army that’s good at everything but that simply isn’t the way GW designed them. As good as Long Fangs are they aren’t better at hitting troops than Imperial Guard nor are they better at popping tanks than the Tau.

2. For Every Unit A Plan (or Two)
If you’re planning to do well in a tournament and not just playing a mate for fun then don’t include anything in your army that you “just like the model”. I do this all the time against Matt and it’s probably why I lose so much. If you have a rough idea of what army you’re going to face think about the units they’re likely to bring and plan your army as the rock to their scissors. No one likes to see the perfect counter to their plans sitting opposite them on the table.Think about what every unit in your army is going to do. For example, if I put in a squad of terminators I know I’m going to pile them into a high value target as soon as I can either by Land Raider or Drop Pod and make the most of their large number of power weapon attacks. If there isn’t a clear target for them then I’ll think about having them on my objective and make them as hard to remove as possible. The key is to be flexible. If you bring a strong anti tank unit and your opponent fields his whole army on foot then think about what they will target instead. Instant Death is your friend and remember AP1 can be just as deadly to troops.

3. Draw Their Attention
In every army have something that’s going to take your opponents’ eyes off the prize. We used Mephiston to this effect. Your opponent sees this deadly model and knows that he’s a bitch to kill so he piles everything he has into bringing him down before combat. In practice he soaks up most of it and probably still gets in to do some damage. Even if he dies he’s distracted your opponent long enough to get your transports to his lines unhindered. It may seem like your opponent will be smarter than this but we’ve all done it. You want to deny him the glory of getting that guy into combat or that anti-tank squad ever bagging your land raider, you turn your attention to destroying him/them above anything else and before you know it, the rest of the army that you weren’t as worried about has bitten you in the ass. If your army is bland then your opponent will likely just shoot the closest thing. This can be used to your advantage also but it’s nowhere near as effective. This doesn’t mean that every opponent will fall for it but I guarantee you’ll be surprised how many take the bait.

4. Keep it Simple Stupid
If you don’t know your army like the back of your hand you’ve already lost. Nothing makes this more difficult than an excessive number of upgrades for each squad that you simply forget you have! Likewise making each squad unique with different weapons etc means you’re almost certain to end up with the wrong squad in the wrong place at the wrong time.Only add units/characters with special rules you’re going to remember. We forgot to use Red Thirst half of the time and it could make the difference. Likewise I deliberately didn’t take any Wolf Standards because I always forget to declare their use in the shooting phase and it isn’t until I’ve rolled a few 1s that I remember!

If all else fails don’t be afraid to scrawl the words “Red Thirst” down your arm in marker pen so that you don’t take that risk. Part of me thinks we should’ve done it but don’t forget to wash it off or your wife/friends/colleagues will wonder if you’ve lost the plot!

5. Spent Those Points Wisely
Start off with vanilla units and build up from there. It’s very tempting to give them all upgrades but it’s easier to budget for those upgrades once you’ve fleshed your army out. There’s going to be things you’ll always take like meltaguns for your hunters but any other “luxuries” like MotW or Standards should be added on last. For any upgrade you apply think about what else you could buy for the points. Power weapons, plasma pistols and MotW are all 15pts which is the same as another Grey Hunter. Will that upgrade perform better than another guy on the ground? Remember that points quickly add up. Wolftooth Necklaces may only be 10pts but give 3 characters one and thats two Grey Hunters.Weigh up the benefit of the upgrade against it’s points cost.  Do your best to spend every single damn point available. If you come out with a 1494pt list then find something to spend 5pts on! That or rearrange things so you’ve got 15pts to spend instead.

6. Mathammer
Finally, ignore mathammer posts on your favourite 40K forum. There, I said it! They are universally calculating the odds for what is already a very specific situation. For example, the AC vs Lascannon debate. The assault cannon looks great after the mathammer hits as it seems to outperform our beloved lascannon against nearly all armour values. Not to mention it’s more useful against troops should you have no vehicles to hit. Before you rush out to convert all your razorbacks though think about the reality. Are those razorbacks really going to be firing at much with 24″ range? If they do how long will they survive with AV10-11 at that range? Does it save you any points to lose your S9? Whats that AC going to do when you require instant death on a target?Use your common sense. Mathammer has it’s place for making you think outside the box and try things you might not have done before but don’t assume because it’s “statistically more efficient” that it’s worth the work to convert your models. Most Mathammer is against MEQ too. Whilst there’s a lot of it out there what are you going to do when there’s a horde of tyranids heading towards you?As someone with a scientific background I realise that any mathematical model makes certain assumptions. Things like the unit will be at full strength, they won’t be in cover, they won’t be affected by terrain, their target won’t have any special rules etc etc. These ideal mathematical conditions don’t exist in the heat of the battle unless you plan on taking everything into account and getting your calculator out before rolling every single dice!

There’s a lot to think about when writing a list then? It is good to try lists found on blogs or  forums, but remember they’ll suit their owner’s style of play and not yours. The best way to pick a list is to play test it. Yes, you can tell how well unit A will perform against unit B on paper but until you’re in the thick of the battle you’ll never really be sure. I’m far from perfecting my 2K All-Comers list but I’m getting there slowly!

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Why do I play 40k?

I play 40k because it is:
realistic enough (most rules follow something vaguely logical at least)
interesting enough (I love the fluff)
convenient enough (find a game, learn the rules)
cheap enough (to buy, commission, play all the armies I want, etc.)

…for my imagination (I am also an avid reader, but there is something special about enlisting models to do the killing)

In conclusion:
At the end of the day, I just want to laugh with friends and play a game that lets me create my own action movie.

40k fits the bill for me for now. When GW moves in a direction that isnt compatible with my personality, I’ll move on to the next hobby.

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Feb 24-27 Dreamation, Morristown NJ

Dreamation event, most likely will only be Apoc games. A few guys from Time Warp said they may attend.

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2011 Conflict Grand Tournament (45min from Newark NJ)

2011 Conflict Grand Tournament (Conflict GT)

The Conflict continues Games Workshop search for a national champion. Like last year’s event, the top two spots from each system will be awarded with an invitation to the Nationals in Las Vegas in the summer of 2011. This is the 3rd year of this event.

Who: All Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k players above the age of 16. Players who are under the age of 16 will be dealt with on a case by case basis pending the approval of parent/guardian and the Tournament Organizer. A total of 200 tickets will be available. 140 participants for Warhammer Fantasy. 60 participants for Warhammer 40k*.

What: 2500 points Warhammer Fantasy. 1750 points 40K. Armies must be fully painted and based. Army lists must be submitted no later than Jan 1st 2011. Please read all the General Rules.

When: January 14th 15th 16th 2011

Cost: $60
Tickets will go on sale October 31st

Where: Palisades Center 1000 Palisades Center Drive West Nyack, NY 10994*  (45 min from Newark NJ)

For more information, follow this link:

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40k Battle for Pisces IV Sun, Dec 19th, 2010 – 11am-6pm

40k Battle for Pisces IV Sun, Dec 19th, 2010 – 11am-6pm

Post Event: Catch the pictures here and video here
Grey Knights (Kevin), Saim-Hann Eldar (Bill W.), and Alex’s Purple theme’d Blood Angels
Dark Angels Space Marines (Nathan), Tau (Hopper), IG (Tom), and Saim-Hann Eldar (Nathan, these are the Saim-Hann that arent as well painted as Bill’s)

The battle was well run by extremely and knowledgeable team of Hopper (NJ Gamer), Bill W., with Len (from NJ Gamer) commenting while painting in the background. It was kept lively, and balanced.  Overall Bill W’s Eldar was racked up the most kills, but that was slightly expected due to his experience and he and Kevin having the most points on the board.  Time Warp generously provided drinks & snacks (woot, chips/pretzels galore), (bonus: delicious cookies from Tom), and gave a few awards for Top kill points, Best Sportman, and so on.
Final overall analysis: Fun, that is what it is all about!
In planning at Time Warp Comics is a two team 40k campaign in January that anyone can join anytime.. so keep an eye out!

Battle at breaking point, just before the Eldar offensive, Dark Angels Titan looking on

Battle at breaking point, just before the Eldar offensive, Dark Angels Titan looking on

(note: sound always cuts out on Flickr videos in the middle, I need to put them on youtube instead. I was really just doing an overview video, so I wasnt talking anyway. This is AFTER all the major carnage, you can see a few superheavies blown up, and all the Eldar on the other side of the table is dead at that point.)

Pre-Battle Information:

What to Bring:
You must select a total of 1 HQ and at least 2 Troops selections. No other force organization restrictions apply. If using 2 army codex simultaneously you must meet this requirement for each of the 2 armies. This means that if using 2 armies you will need 2 HQ’s and 4 Troop selections.

Full Details:
A recent warp storm has attracted a great deal of unwanted attention in the Pisces sector. A multitude of Xenos and Chaos filth has vomited forth from the turbulent tear in reality and spilled onto the planet Pisces IV, a planet dedicated to the Ecclesiarchy. What was once a planet covered in reverent idols of the Emperor’s power and majesty has quickly fallen into ruin. The forces of the Imperium now battl…e to retake the planet and cleanse it of Xenos scum and Chaos filth.

Team 1: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templar, Space Wolves, Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Imperial Guard

Team 2: Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Orks, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau Empire, Tyranids

Broken Alliances: Due to the splintered factions and ancient rivalries of the forces fighting for Pisces IV the following armies may be asked to play on the opposite side on game day: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Orks, Tyranids, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Necrons

The game will take place with the following force allowances and limitations:

Each player may select 1500 points worth of forces from up to 2 army codices. These 2 books must be on the same team listed above before considering the Broken Alliances scenario special rule. The combined total of all forces selected cannot exceed 1500 points.

You must select a total of 1 HQ and at least 2 Troops selections. No other force organization restrictions apply. If using 2 army codex simultaneously you must meet this requirement for each of the 2 armies. This means that if using 2 armies you will need 2 HQ’s and 4 Troop selections.

Super Heavy, Gargantuan Creature, and Formation entries will be allowed. A player must meet the above requirement before selecting any of these models/formations. Non troop formations, and legendary units of all kinds do not count as scoring. All of these units will enter play from reserve on turn 2.

Winning the game: There are 2 accumulating victory conditions: Objectives and kill points. A scoring unit that is in control of an uncontested objective will accumulate the following number of kill points for them team at the end of turns 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Minor Objective: 3 Major Objective: 5 Supreme Objective: 8

Each unit that is destroyed will contribute to the teams’ overall kill point total. This is done exactly as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook with 1 exception. All Super Heavy, Gargantuan Creature, and Formation unit entries will be worth 3 kill points.

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Painting tip page from BOLS

Incredible BOLS painting guide & tips

For all the painters out there, I am appreciative of your work.  I’ll still with commissioning still however.

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30k Pre-Hersesy Ruleset

At the NYC Games Workshop store, they are talking about making a campaign out of the 30k Realm. Feel free to peruse the rules below.


It is also a fun read from a fluff perspective.

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Managing Victory and Defeat

Sometimes you put a lot into a game, and the emotion shows up more than you like.  Here are two articles I enjoyed recently from Bols on victory (or playing positively really) and defeat.

Victory: Bols (playing positively)
Defeat: Bols (losing with style and grace)

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40k Megabattle – Final Battle for Mordia

40k Megabattle – Final Battle for Mordia

Sunday, December 5 · 10:30am – 5:30pm
Location: Hobbytown, Newton Hampton Plaza, Unit 15-C, Route 206 Newton, NJ
Pre-Register by Nov. 28th to guarantee 1500pt and first turn deployment. Walk-ons welcome, but may have less to work with or deploy later.
It has been three months since the last Imperial push to control Mordia. However, the source of the warp storms has finally been found. A Blackstone Fortress has been uncovered on Mordia. And now all eyes focus on the once barren battlefield, fresh troops and forces vie for the prize.
The Battle for Mordia is a Spearhead Mega Battle using the standard Warhammer 40k rules, using the Spearhead Expansion presented in White Dwarf 365 (June 2010) as well as available on http://www.gamesworkshop.com.
Each force of 1500pt may select one of the Spearhead formations presented in White Dwarf or available online. The battle will be objective based as each army attempts to control portions of the uncovered Blackstone Fortress. 5th edition objective capture rules will be used.Note that although Super Heavy and Gargantuan Creature units are available by selecting the appropriate Spearhead formation, no additional Apocalypse rules , stratagems or units will be used. So additional such units are not available. For purposes of this battle, Flyers count as a Super Heavy unit, even if not actually one. Non flyer/Non Super Heavy Forgeworld-Only units, such as Imperial tank variants and Space Marine Chapter specific Dreadnuaghts are valid selections for this game. In all other respects, your force must constitute a normal 40k Force Organization.

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GambitCon 6 Jan 13-16 (Thur-Sun) 2011

A FLGS is hosting the 6th GambitCon event on January 13-16 Thur-Sunday 2011

It will include 40k and a few other games. The official schedule is not yet posted.

For more information, check out our links or contact:  The Gamer’s Gambit

Hey everyone!

I’m putting together the 6th GambitCon event on January 13-16 2011
(that’s a Thursday through a Sunday).  I need
judges/moderators/volunteers for various events.

This is NOT (or I should say, is no longer) solely an RPGA convention.
Yes, I intend to have at least 4 tables of RPGA spaces open for each
slot.  But I have a large store, and I haven’t used all the tables in
past cons, and there are other people who play games and people who
want to try different systems–so I am opening it up.  In order to DO
so however, I need people to volunteer to judge different sorts of
games, so I am reaching out to you guys.

The way I have it planned (for those of you familiar with the store’s
layout); I’ve got two large miniatures tables in the basement which
can run up to 2 “large” or 4 “small” minis games simultaneously.  I
can set up 5 other tables in the basement (most of which will be RPGA)
and 3 upstairs tables (which will be mixed RPGA and other games).  I
will do my best to provide some sort of sound baffling, but the more
cons I go to the less this seems to be prevalent in such environs.

Aside from the RPGA judges I am soliciting here via this mail, the
rest of you are here because I want your expertise and skill in
running other games.  I would like to see:
Minis: Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Flames of War and Dystopian
Wars (in addition to 40K/Fantasy)
RPGs: Pathfinder, Champions, Traveller, Cthulhu, Gamma World, Indie
Games, Dresden Files, Deathwatch, Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, Battlestar
Galactica…hell, anything you feel like running.
Other stuff: Crazy crap if you wanna do it.  Boardgames, dice games,
NCGs, whatever.

The entry fee for GambitCon 6 is $30/person for the four-day pass and
$20/person for a one-day pass, and I’m also introducing a 1-slot fee
of $10 if you only want to come and play one game.  These are for
slots without prize support; if we run something that requires prize
support I may charge additional.

You get, for volunteering, entry into the Con based on how many events
you run.  For RPGA judges this is usually, if you judge 4 slots, you
get a full pass for free; if you judge 2 slots you get a 1 day pass
for free.

For those who are volunteering to judge OTHER things, I will likely
work something else out to make it worth it to you to donate your
time, cuz RPGA judges usually like to judge a few slots and play in
all the rest, so it’s worth it for them.

Of course, I feed all my judges and volunteers lunch & dinner, usually
from Quilly’s or Domino’s or a big hero sandwich depending on the day
(I like variety and I think the judges do too).  Hotel accommodations
are available nearby and I might be able to work out something in that
arena too, depending on how much you want to judge or volunteer.

Help me turn GambitCon6 into something new and interesting!

I personally, incidentally, will be running Gamma World and a special
Tomb of Horrors runthrough.

Here’s the deal:
* The Con runs from 12PM-1AM Thursday; 9A-4A Friday, 9A-4A Saturday
and 9A-11:30P Sunday.
* Slots for the Con are (base) 4 hours in length (which is the “norm”
for RPGA slots), but I can create special slots that are shorter,
larger, or of different sizes.
* The base slots are:
Slot 1)  12P-4P Thurs
Slot 2)   5P-9P Thurs
Slot 3)   9P-1A Thurs
Slot 4)   9A-12P Fri
Slot 5)   1P-5P Fri
Slot 6)   6P-11:30P Fri (5 1/2 hrs)
Slot 7)   12A-4A Fri/Sat
Slot 8)   9A-12P Sat
Slot 9)   1P-5P Sat
Slot 10)   6P-11:30P Sat (5 1/2 hrs)
Slot 11)   12A-4A Sat/Sun
Slot 12)  9A-1P Sun
Slot 13)   1P-5P Sun
Slot 14)   6P-11:30P Sun (5 1/2 hrs)

Scott Roberts
General Manager
The Gamer’s Gambit

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Gamber’s Gambit Tournament 1000pts 11/28/2010

Gamber’s Gambit Tournament 1000pts 11/28/2010

Start Time: 12pm sign-up, 1pm tournament (store opens at 11am)
There will be three rounds of games, the points totalled for each game. In the event of a tie, sportsmanship will be the deciding tie-breaker.
Please bring 4 copies of your list, one for each opponent and one spare for the Judges.
Prize support is being determined, and is subject to turn out/ participation.
Force organization is 1 HQ and 1 troop choice, special characters and reasonable proxies will be allowed.

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Time Warp Comics – Review, Battle Report

Today I finally made it down to Time Warp Comics to check out their local Thursday night 40k gaming scene.

I’ll update my notes in the “Stores” section  as well with all the other FLGS’s.

Overall Impression:  9/10 stars for Thur night game scene.
Why? They have everything you need: 20+ people, 6-8 tables, the store is STOCKED with anything you need, incredible terrain, varied armies (everything but Necron, DE, Templars), varied games (new, experienced, 500pt-2k pts). Getting there is easy too, 30min from Jersey City, no traffic at 630pm, and a easy drive.

After 4 months of gaming in the area, I personally still find it challenging to find a venue to consistently play a game.  Usually it involves lots of emailing different game scene’s to see who is available. Tonight was a holiday, so more younger guys were there… but the place was packed and had a good vibe.

For food they have snacks/drinks in store, or you go around the corner for Pizza or Chinese.

The owner of the store and a few other players support other local stores and events heavily. They mentioned at least 3 times the 1k tournament at Gamers Gambit, and they were at the recent Warstore tournament helping out.

Friendly local game store indeed.

Thanks everyone,

Quick Battle Report:
1k game, spearhead, annihilation Tau/IG vs Dark Angels Deathwing
Tau: Firewarriors, 3 crisis suits with plasma out the wazoo, kroot with shasui
IG: Hydraflak tank, 6 man Ogryn squad, Stormtroopers with Melta/Plasma Deepstriking
Deathwing: Belial, 3 Termie squads 1xHF+Apoth, 2xAC, all squads kitted with 1xLC and kitted for wound allocation, 2xHF biker squad
Tau/IG deploy mostly in the middle as far up as possible. Deathwing/Bikes deploy in the middle back towards table edge.

R1: Tau/IG move forward  first round, shooting kills nobody.
Deathwing mow down the kroot with concentrated shooting
R2: Tau/IG move forward, shooting takes out 1 biker, 1 terminator.
Crisis suits deep strike in, wipe out 3 terminators (Apothecary ends up saving a terminator all 4 rounds)
Deathwing wipes out 1 crisis suit/1 down to 1 Wound in shooting -> Belial destroys the rest in close combat.
R3: Tau/IG Storm Troopers deepstrike and melta/plasma kill 2 Terminators
Lots of shooting takes out 2  terminators with failed regular saves and the sergent biker.
Deathwing are down to Belial’s squad, 2 bikers (1xFl), 3-man Term squad, (one squad was lost)
Bikers move in front of  Terminators to shield them from attack from the Oygrns (it works), everyonebacks up and shoots at the Stormtroopers, not killing enough and leaving 5 alive that pass their leadership. 3-man Term squad attacks in close combat and loses one to powersword (honestly I didnt realize they had a powersword otherwise I wouldn’t have attacked, that is almost the same chances of survival vs the Melta/plasma, this squad ends up dying miserably with bad saves and kills only 1 stormtrooper)
R4: Tau/IG wipe out 3-man Term squad, Flamer bike (Squad is dead now), and 1 Terminators (Apothecary) this round with an unlucky series of bad saves/attacks.
Deathwing are hurting this round.. Belial breaks from his squad and with combined shooting and Belial’s assault the Stormtroopers are wiped out.
R5: Tau/IG wipe out all 3 Terminators when they roll 3x 1’s to regular shooting. Only Belial and the 1 Terminator sergent remain.
Belial / Terminator shoot at Ogryn but fail to hurt them. With the Hydraflak tank still alive pounding away at them with 7 twin linked shots.. this is the beginning of the end.
R6: I dont rememeber an official round 6, but in the last round Belial dies to regular Ogryn lucky shooting.

It was good fun gaming, just the way I like it. Thanks Matt and ___(forgot your name)___

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Brother’s Grim Tournament: 11/20/2010

Tournament, added to our “Special Events” section, this is a premier local event.

Brother’s Grim – www.brgrim.com/?page_id=511

  • Selden, NY – 6 times a year: every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
    • Event List:  every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
    • Address: 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784
    • Added Details
      • Points: 1850 pts
        Rounds: 3 Rounds, 2.5 Hours Each Round
        Fees: $10 Entry Fee
        When to show up: @ 11am, First Dice @ Noon
        What to bring, etc:
        40 Person Cap, Pre Registration begins 10/31/10
        There is a maximum of 60 Battle Points and 9 Bonus Points that can be earned throughout the day.
        It is required that you bring 5 copies of your army list to the tournament. You will need one to hand in to the tournament organizer, one for yourself, and one for each of your opponents.
        Painting is not required, but it is awarded at the end as a separate prize!
        Contact for questions, to preregister:
        Email:    brothersgrimgames@gmail.com
        Phone:   ?
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Battle Report: 3k DE+Eldar vs Orks, SM, Dark Angels

3k total, capture and control (2 points), DE+E go first, pitched deployment.
Dark Eldar (new codex) + Eldar vs Orks, Codex Space Marines, Dark Angels

Eldar: Eldrad, Avatar, 2x Fire Prisms, 1xFalcon, Harlequin squad, 2 tank type vehicles (scatter laser and some ap2 weapon), 10man Pathfinder squad, 10xStriking Scorpions that did nothing.
Dark Eldar: 6x Raiders, 3 Warrior squads, 2 Wych squads, 2 Archons, 1 Incubi

Orks: Battlewagon+9 Nobs+Warboss, Battlewagon +20 Ard boyz, 10x lootas
Space Marines: Lysander+Command squad, Pedro+10man Tac squad in Rhino, Thunderfire cannon+Techmarine, Dread w/ MMelta, Scout squad
Dark Angels: 2x Termi squads, 1x Termie squad with Apoc, Belial, 1x biker squad with 2xFlamers

E+DE: Kill Bikes, kill scouts, 2 Termies die from Fire Prism blasts
O+SM+DA: Termies deepstrike next to Dark Eldar/Eldar vehicles & knock out a gun and immobilize DE Raider, Pedro hits his Orbital and takes out a decent number of Harlies but they dont flee. Thunderfire cannon doesnt do as much as it could have (would have been nice to take out the Pathfinder snipers)
E+DE: Kill full squad of Terminators to shooting (except for 2), and Wyches kill Belial’s squad in close combat due to HORRIBLE saves (4 “1”s? and a few normal saves with Archon’s powerweapons), Belial survives.
Ork Battlewagons blow up with bad rolls
Space marine’s rhino is immobilized.
Looking really bad at this point
O+SM+DA: Belial survives ANOTHER round of combat, Terminators move up & take out another vehicle, Space Marines move up.
E+DE: Massively winning at this point, they continue to whittle down the footslogging orks & nobs though enough of their squads remain to threaten. Only 3 or 4 Dark Angel Terminators are still alive, they really took the pressure off, but they paid the price.
Ork Ard boys all die to Avatar and Harlequin cc battle.
O+SM+DA: The game is pretty much over at this point. Belial dies in close combat, 2 Terminators scratch the paint of a Raider.
Space Marines do the most damage this round, taking out 3 Raiders and whittling down 1 footslogging Wytch squad with Archon.
Ork Nob boys flamer footslogging Warrior squad (from destroyed raider) and kill them all.
Game ends because the store is closing and there isnt much left to figure out.
Overall a fun game, if there are Dark Angels in the final round then that is all that counts. Tactically we did “ok”, but even with optimal tactics, the outcome is unlikely to have been much different.
Ultimately the Eldar/DE lists were vastly better, they could outshoot, out assault, and outmaneuver us.
Worst mistakes:

Dark Angels made some tactical mistakes, we needed the bikes for the dual flamers, and shouldnt have deployed it so close. It might have made sense to deep striked from reserves, hoping to time it when the orks were in closer.

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Warstore Weekend Results

If I find the results, I’ll post them, along with some pics

Thoughts on the event:
They had an incredibly well painted IG traitor army and tyranid army. Only one Ork, one Tau, one Dark Eldar, one Tyranid, no Necron or Eldar, two traitor IG armies, one regular IG, one black templar everyone else was codex, space wolf, BA armies (4 or so at least).

Nobody won all their games, so I guess it was decently competitive. My Dark Angel would have been stomped, but it would have been fun to play them if I had 2k points.

Overall it was a great group of players & fun to watch, with at least 15 tables or so.  I’d have to say, way too many Blood Angels for my taste.

FAQ for the event, they used the NOVA Open one:

Click to access NOVA-FAQ-v2.pdf

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40k Epic

For anyone interested in playing Epic, this was a fun read. It has links to all the free rules (3 sets) from GW, a poll with the popularity of each of them (one is favored), and links to pictures. The comments are also interesting.


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Event: Warstore Weekend Oct22-24 Secaucus, NJ

Event Info: http://www.thewarstoreweekend.com/
Store sponsor:      The WarStore
40k Events:     http://www.thewarstoreweekend.com/40k.html

Crowne Plaza Hotel Secaucus-Meadowlands
2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ 07094
1-877-270-1393 Make a reservation

Full weekned Preordered Pass:      $49.99
Full weekend pass at the door:     $59.99
Friday Pass:     $14.99   Saturday Pass:     $29.99      Sunday Pass:     $14.99

Location: Convention Hall, NJ
Time: 9:00am, 2 hr. & 15 min. per turn
Points: 2000 using a standard force organization chart
Codices: All current codices legal

Standard 40K 5th Edition rules, GW FAQs, and the Nova Open FAQ found here: http://novaopen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/NOVA-FAQ-v2.pdf. Many thanks to Mike Brandt for the work put into this FAQ and for granting us the use of this document during the tournament. Forgeworld/Imperial Armor rules are not permitted. You may use these models in the army to represent a unit from your codex.

5 Rounds, Swiss-style (3 games on Saturday, 2 games on Sunday)
Armies must be painted to at least a basic, 3-color standard.
Armies must be WYSIWYG, all equipment and units must be clearly identifiable.

Registration for the tournament will be in the 40K tournament area on Saturday morning. 2 copies of your army list required.
Finally, participants will be handed a paper entitled Data Slate. This piece of paper is an integral part of the tournament and will be used to prevent scoring errors as well as tracking game results and opponents. At the end of each round, players are to fill out their Data Slate by recording their opponent’s name, army, and battle points earned in the appropriate round, and score your opponents in the Sportsmanship category. Hint: A good place to keep it is inside one of your figure cases or your rulebook!

Schedule of Events:
7:00am – 8:45am – Check-in and Registration
8:45am – 9:00am – First table assignments
9:00am – 11:15am – Round 1
11:15am – 12:30pm – Lunch
12:30pm – 2:45pm – Round 2
2:45pm – 3:30pm – Break and Player’s Choice Judging
3:30pm – 5:45pm – Round 3

9:30am – 11:45am – Round 4
11:45pm – 1:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – 3:15pm – Round 5
4:15 – Awards Ceremony

Overall Champion: This is awarded to the player with the most battle points.
Best Sport: Is awarded to the player with the most sportsmanship points
Best Appearance: Is awarded to the player with the most appearance points
Player’s Choice: Player’s Choice is awarded to the player who receives the most Players’ Choice votes from his/her peers.

The tiebreaker clause: In all instances, ties are broken first by battle points, then sportsmanship, then appearance, then a race around the building.
The Standard Rules:

We expect the players who attend the Warstore Weekend are here with the intention of having fun, playing in challenging games, and meeting old friends and making new ones. All players are expected to behave in a respectful manner throughout the weekend. Poor sportsmanship and conduct will not be tolerated. Arguments and poor conduct may result in your ejection from the tournament.

Players are expected to bring the following: their 40K rulebook, appropriate Codex, 9 Copies of your army list, dice, templates, measuring devices, pen/pencil/paper, and anything else that they might need for their game.

Each player competes in 5 games to determine the Champion. The first round will have random pairing to determine matchups. We will make all attempts to ensure that those who travelled together will not play on the first round. We will also attempt to prevent army mirror match-up (ie, both players have the same army) on the first two rounds.

Each round is 2 hours and 15 minutes which includes player introduction, army list disclosure, set-up, and gaming. Players are highly encouraged to play as quickly as possible to finish their games. If players can not reasonably finish a turn in regards to the remaining time, do not start the turn.

Each scenario will have a primary mission. Completion of this mission will net players up to 20 points for a victory, 10 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. Up to 5 bonus points can be earned in the game by completing minor missions. Up to 3 bonus points can be earned in the game by completing the game, ie, the game ends and both players have finished their turns accordingly. Follow the Ending the Game rules found on page 90 of the rulebook. Yes, these are free points earned by each player in the game as an incentive to promote speedy play!

Wipeout/Tabling. Should you be fortunate enough to wipe out all of your opponent’s forces in the game, congratulations! The game ends immediately and players will proceed to scoring the game.

Players may earn up to 28 points per game and a total of up to 140 points in battle points for the tournament.
During the round, tournament organizers will circulate scorecards to each table for recording game results. At the end of the game, players are to calculate victory conditions and battlepoints earned and record the game results on the scorecards. At this time, players must record their opponent’s name, army, and battle points earned onto their Data Slate.

Sportsmanship encompasses so many different aspects that happen during a game. Instead of creating a checklist that rewards basic behaviors that are necessary for a game to function, and in the hands of malicious and unsporting competitors can be used to reduce the overall score of an opponent, we’ve created a ranking system to reward outstanding sportsmanship.

In the last round of the tournament, tournament organizers will circulate to each table a Best Sport form. The form will allow players to rank their best sports over the weekend. Refer to your Data Slate to refresh your memory of your opponents that you faced this weekend. Write each player’s name onto the Best Sport form, ranking them from 5 (most acclaimed sport) to 1 (lowest sport). Each player you played against must have their name on this form. Turn your Best Sport form in at the Judge’s table when you complete it.

Each ranking will earn a player a specific number of sportsmanship points. A ranking of 5 (Best) will earn a player 5 points, while a 4 will earn 4 and so on. A player will receive 5 rankings from their opponents which, when added together will serve as the player’s sportsmanship score. Players may earn up to 25 Sportsmanship points.

A note on sportsmanship – we ask the players review their opponents when ranking them, not the outcome of the game. Ranking a player low because they beat you in the game, or ranking them high because you obliterated their army is extremely poor sportsmanship, disingenuous, and cheats every single player who is participating in the tournament. Don’t be that guy!

A fully painted army is necessary to win any type of award so ensure that your army is finished!

Players may earn up to 40 points for appearance.

Player’s Choice:
During the break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, we ask players to circulate amongst the 40K tournament and choose what you think is the best army. It is up to you to decide what makes the best army, but it could be presentation, painting, conversions, theme, or any number of things that make a particular army stand out.

Terrain and table set-up:
Each table will have its terrain pre-set before each game. Please do not move any terrain during the tournament. If you think the terrain is askew, please contact a judge for assistance and we will investigate and correct if necessary.

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