Special Events

Know of a local event? Let us know, you can include a link or any helpful event information.
For our regular weekly games, see “About”

Regular / Annual Events: NJ / NY

  • Brother’s Grimwww.brgrim.com/?page_id=511
    • Selden, NY – 6 times a year: every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
      • Event List:  every odd month: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov
      • Address: 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784
      • Added Details
        • Points: 1850 pts
          Rounds: 3 Rounds, 2.5 Hours Each Round
          Fees: $10 Entry Fee
          When to show up: @ 11am, First Dice @ Noon
          What to bring, etc:
          40 Person Cap, Pre Registration begins 1 month before.  There is a maximum of 60 Battle Points and 9 Bonus Points that can be earned throughout the day.
          Bring 5 copies of your army list to the tournament. Painting is not required, but it is awarded at the end as a separate prize!
          Contact for questions, to preregister:
          Email:    brothersgrimgames@gmail.com
          Phone:   ?
  • Warstorewww.thewarstore.com / www.thewarstoreweekend.com
    • Secaucus NJ – @ October each year
    • 40k Events
    • Event List:
      • Oct22-24th 2010
  • Dexconhttp://www.dexposure.com/events.html
    • Morristown NJ- @ July each year
    • 40k Events (see website “war game” section)
    • Event List:
      • July 7 -11 2010
  • Battle for Salvation – http://www.battleforsalvation.com/
    • White Plains NY- @ October
    • Event list:
      • Oct 10th 2010
  • Other Tournaments:
    • NOVA Open
    • GamesDay
    • Adepticon

One-time Events:

I’ll probably not post many of these, I’m mostly looking for regular annual events to share.

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