Finding a place to play in NJ/NY

Finding a place to play in NJ/NY area is usually best done by checking out the different places we list that are near you and seeing if they fit your personality.

There are quite a few events in the area which also give you a chance to check out the community.

If you would like to help build the community, please let us know.

9 Responses to Finding a place to play in NJ/NY

  1. Jody says:

    Hi. It’s Jody from North Bergen. I have finally gotten around to building a army and after some games at home with the wife have the rules down fairly well. Can you please give us the address of the store you play at in Jersey City?

    • s00nertp says:

      Glad you asked. Until recently, we got together where ever at my work, etc. We are going to setup a regular event during the week at one of the local bars a la “beer and pretzel” style. Probably after the MegaBattle game I am setting up this Sunday at Gamers Gambit, I will pick a day to start.

      Here are the stores I play the most in the area:
      FLGS: Time warp comics 973-857-9788 555a Pompton Ave., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
      (40k Game Night is Thursday, so that is when I go)
      FLGS: Gamer’s Gambit 201-796-7377 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
      (Sundays is the day for 40k, they have tons of tables & lots of players who show up)

    • s00nertp says:

      Congrats!!!! In Jersey City, we had been setting up games at local bars or restaurants. Unfortunately I recently moved to Morristown so nobody has been organizing those events anymore. In this area, it is easier to drive to local gaming stores, so I’ve been doing that. Yesterday I helped organize a “mini-MegaBattle” even at the Gamers Gambit.

      Here is the link to the event, though I posted a picture on the regular 40kNJNY site.

      If you want though, I’d love to setup a fun game. I’ll send you an email with some info to get in touch.

      Congrats again on getting the army together. I just got a new Tau Army & havent played it yet, maybe I can stretch my legs with it too.

  2. adam says:

    Hi do you know if there are any other gaming areas more towards the central jersey end of things. I wouldn’t mind coming up that once a month or something but that would be as much as I could do that 1.5hr haul.

    • s00nertp says:

      Thanks for asking. This is a good question. If you want, there might be some places in this link from the sidebar of my site:

      I dont play often in central Jersey, so I dont know of any locations offhand. Please let me know if you find something & I’ll post it. Also, feel free to post on our page or write an article on the subject if you find something cool.

      Thanks & best of luck,

  3. Tony says:

    where in central nj are you?


  4. Ghaz says:

    I’m in manhattan and I’m not a huge fan of the gameswork shop is the another games store in the city I’ve been looking but haven’t found any thanks for the help

  5. kesh says:


    Is anyone still in the Jersey City,NJ area and wanting to play?

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