Gamesday 2010

This is the annual event everyone in the Warhammer universe is waiting for. And why not:  hanging out with thousands of other fans, getting tons of free stuff, meeting famous Dark Library writers (Dan Abnett even!).

I packed up my Deathwing, met up with friends and headed down.  At least 7 or so guys who frequent the Games Workshop store in NYC were there, including the John, Jon, and Ian.

One guy from NYC (I dont remember his name) with a goatee (picture) won the best scratch build. Award winning scratch build Ork Battle boat in progress:

Best of the all pictures & video taken:

This was by far the biggest event I’ve attended and I was exhausted afterwards. Partly from being overwhelmed with everything (it is like going to disney world as a kid) and partly from standing the whole time; normally I just sit and type all day.

As long as the next event is in driving distance, I cant wait to attend.


Things I’d like to do for next time:

  • I forgot to record Dan Abnett reading his new book (attended by at least 50 people). I’d record it just because it is cool.
  • Play a regular game while there. I am still pretty new and wanted to take it all in the first time. My gameplan was to play smaller games, to allow me to check out more of what was going on. Esp. since there were sooooooooooo many events.

The best intro pic I could find.

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