40knjny in Brazil? Hell yeah!

Since I was traveling in Brazil, I figured I’d see what the local meta-game was like.  When we get a few games, will get some new battle reports setup
How did I find someone to play in Brazil?
Well I am already a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and Brazil has some of the best fighters in the world so there probably have to be some cool 40k gamers too. So I googled and found the site below and got a quick reply from Estevão at the “The Painting Frog” on players in Sao Paulo specifically.


Introduction to the local community of players:
Silvio (Ork player), Sócrates <Ken> (another Ork player), Antonio Jorge <AJ> (dammit, ANOTHER Ork player & Nurgle Chaos Space Marines), and another Andre <Tocha> (Blood Angels, Tyranids & Deathwing).

I’ve been able to meet everyone but Tocha so far in a fun dinner, and then we got a game in last Saturday.

The Battle Report from Brazil – Andre’s Salamanders vs Eldar Saim-Hann (mine)
A very fun, very close game.

(Space Marine) Salamanders vs Saim-Hann (Eldar)

(Space Marine) Salamanders vs Saim-Hann (Eldar)

Overall these local guys are a great mix of incredible modelers & painters, and enjoy fun and well played lists. It is a perfect match for my play style. I very much appreciate the paint work, when we see everything on the board.

Example of some of the Modeling & Paint work by AJ, that is the original site in Portugese, or click here for a google translated version for english speakers.
Some of my favorites:

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

AJ's Chaos Nurgle Army

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3 Responses to 40knjny in Brazil? Hell yeah!

  1. Ken says:

    Yo nathan!
    good times, fun games, lets see if we can still grab a few more beers before you go back to the states!

  2. Ken says:

    ok now i’ll be visiting new york for some sightseeing and warhammering 🙂 i’ll be there on may 4th
    see you soon!

  3. s00nertp says:

    Looking forward to hanging out. I have a game with a few friends on May 4th at 630pm if you want to join us (might be a little soon given you just arrived..but We’d love to have you).

    It is a 3500pt game at a friends place, there will be home-made food (guy food though, burgers & stuff). I am driving there from my place & can do all the transportation.

    Not sure on the plans for this weekend yet, but let me know if any wednesday/thursday or particular weekend works for 40k. If I cant make it, I can always lend you an Army, my Dark Eldar/Imperial Guard rarely get out much.

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